Thursday, August 14, 2014


Most of you that follow this blog regularly know that I'm a big San Lorenzo fan (OK, a huge San Lorenzo fan) so this is a very special post for me, one I never thought I was going to write.
It was the first Copa Libertadores for San Lorenzo, and it had to be like this: suffering until the last second of the game. The team was VERY nervous, the fans were VERY nervous, and honestly Nacional didn't deserve to lose the 2nd leg because they played tactically a perfect game, but a very silly mistake finished with a penalty and the Copa Libertadores winning goal.
Hats off for the paraguayan team that no one thought that could make it this far and unexpectedly was a very tough rival but I don't have any doubts that in the long term San Lorenzo was a fair champion.

After struggling in the groups stage where they advanced only on goals difference thanks to a last minute goal in a 3-0 win vs Botafogo, they improved a lot later in the competition eliminating Brazilian giants Gremio and Cruzeiro.
Then the World Cup break came, where they lost young star Angel Correa (transferred to Atletico de Madrid but had a heart issue detected that needed surgery) and 2 months later probably their best performance in the competition, in the 5-0 win vs Bolivar in the 1st leg of the semifinals that basically secured their first Copa Libertadores finals.
I can't believe that after decades of looking for this San Lorenzo finally made it, I woke up today and I still don't realize it's true....but it's time to star preparing the trip to Morrocco where Real Madrid will be waiting :)
The new Argentine football season is underway and once again, like I've been doing since 2009, I will write previews for every game of the Argentinean league + the best betting tips.

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