Wednesday, July 30, 2014

AFA's President Julio Humberto Grondona died

You probably heard the news by now: today Julio Humberto Grondona, AFA's president since 1979 and long time FIFA's Vicepresident (and also probably Sepp Blatter biggest allied) died today at 82 years of age.

For many he was a tyrant and a ruled AFA like a mafia boss, for others he was a big leader, but there are no doubts that this is the end of an era for Argentine football and hopefully a turning point for better things to come (it's hard to think that something will change though because his possible replacements are not any better than him).
For now the whole Argentine football world is shocked by the news.

Grondona was also one of the founders of Arsenal de Sarandi (one of his sons is the current president) ans he was also president of Independiente in the 1970's before taking the presidency of the Argentine Football Asociation a position he held until today.

The 1st round of the Primera Division 2014 tournament (and lower divisions as well) that were scheduled for this weekend have been postponed.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Argentina Previews 2014/2015 is just a week away !!

Didn't have enough time and it didn't feel like I needed to write any updates during the World Cup as there was some kind of "information overload".
Lots of blogs, newspapers and specially people in social networks covering the biggest football event...I'm sure I didn't have anything different to say about it.

But, with the World Cup behind (and it was definitely one to remember for all Argentine football fans despite the sour ending) it's time to put our focus back on local football where in a week Copa Libertadores will resume with the semifinals between San Lorenzo - Bolivar and Nacional (Paraguay) - Defensor Sporting, and only 3 weeks later the tournament "Transicion 2014" will kick off.

The "Transicion" name is due to the upcoming change in format because the AFA has decided that from 2015 there will be only one annual tournament with 30 teams, so this would be the last "short" 19 rounds tournament.

Once again, like I've been doing since 2009, I will write previews for every game of the Argentinean league + the best betting tips.

Contact me now at for fee details, previews samples (you can see any game of the last 4 years!) and other questions.

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