Monday, December 10, 2012

Inicial 2012 - The End

Summer time !

Inicial 2012 is over (well, technically it's not because there are two postponed games that will be played sometime in February) and the football season in Argentina takes a summer break until Final 2013 kicks off on early February 2013. 
One last, and very important match in this 2012 for Tigre who will visit Sao Paulo in the 2nd leg of the Copa Sudamericana finals after the 0-0 tie in the 1st leg at Buenos Aires.
Simply Tigre's most important game ever, a historic moment for a very small club that a little more than a decade ago was struggling in the 3rd division of Argentine football.
Now it's the time where newspapers and TV shows fill their time with all kind of rumors (mostly lies) about what players are going where (all teams can add only 2 players, it could be 3 if AFA decides to change this rule) and that kind of things until teams start their pre-season training camps in the early days of January.
We had a deserved champion in Velez, 5 teams that will play Copa Libertadores 2013 (Arsenal, Velez, Boca, Newell's and Tigre) and many teams in trouble in the relegations table.

Union, Quilmes, Independiente, Atletico Rafaela, San Martin, San Lorenzo and probably Godoy Cruz, Argentinos Juniors and Tigre will need as many points as possible to avoid finishing the season in one of the three bottom places of the Averages table.

The Argentina Football Previews service will continue as usual (more details about it here: and the first email will go out sometime around late January and will include Tigre's games in the 1st stage of Copa Libertadores (rival to be determined in next week's draw).

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Round 19 results:

All Boys 0 - Arsenal 1
Unión de Santa Fe 1 - Racing Club 1
Belgrano 1 - Estudiante 0
Boca Juniors 2 - Godoy Cruz 1
Argentinos Juniors 1 - Newell's Old Boys 3
Atlético de Rafaela 0 - Vélez 3
Independiente 2 - Colón 2
San Martín de San Juan 0 - River Plate 2
Lanús 0 - San Lorenzo 0

Final Standings:


Averages table:


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