Thursday, December 13, 2012

Guns, blood, a suspension...oh yes, and Sao Paulo wins Copa Sudamericana 2012

I thought I had seen everything in Southamerican football in my (almost) 36 years, but I've watched something unreal tonight.

It probably all started when Sao Paulo didn't allow Tigre to have a practice at the Morumbi, the stadium where the game was played, plus the fans gave them a very nice welcome with a rain of stones to the team bus, breaking some windows but unfortunately this is a "common practice" in South America.

The 1st half of the 2nd leg of Copa Sudamericana had passed with no surprises as Sao Paulo had a deserved 2-0 lead and besides a few hard fouls, common in this region in this kind of intense and important games, not much had happened.

And then all hell broke loose...

According to Tigre's players they were welcomed at the locker room by a group of Sao Paulo's private security who threatened them with guns, and started a fight that finished with some players injured and blood on the door and walls (this was later shown on TV).
Other reports say that the Argentinean team tried to fight the Brazilians because they were making fun of them, and when they went back to the locker room they met this big group of guys that hurt them and pointed guns at them.

Tigre decided not to return for the 2nd half and the story finished in the most unbelievable way possible: the Chilean referee Enrique Osses decided to call the game off and automatically award it as a win for Sao Paulo.
Sao Paulo fans and players celebrated and the ridiculous CONMEBOL authorities, a group of very old dinosaurs like in FIFA, made the trophy ceremony with a smile on their faces as if nothing had happened.

What will happen next ? Well, probably CONMEBOL will simulate an investigation that will finish with some kind of fine on Tigre for refusing to go out for the 2nd half, and maybe something on Sao Paulo if they can prove that the private security failed.


Next week CONMEBOL will host the draw of Copa Libertadores 2013 and we'll see again all this old, rich and useless people smiling to the cameras as usual like if nothing had happened.

Sad day in Southamerican football, and that it was in a final makes it even worst.
Tigre's first (and probably only) continental final ever will be a black page in football history.


  1. I'm a Sao Paulo fan, but I want to see facts in an unbiased way. SPFC has a longstanding tradition in international competitions, and Morumbi has hosted international events even south americans finals and an incident like that is totaly unheard of. On the other side, Tigre had never played at this stage, and it reflects clearly in their bad behaviour in both legs. They've played with unusual and extreme violence. what we have heard during the events, is that the confrontation arose with the Tigre people trying to brake into SPFC dressing room to fight. SPFC's bodyguards have also been hurted in confrontation, as they were simply accumplishing with their duties (protect the team and staff). It's significant that Tigre's claim of weapon threatening - which was promptly denied by SPFC's representatives - has not been reported officialy to the Police. Then, there's a contradiction in Tigre's report of events. Seems to me that Tigre has caused all the situation on purpose, as they hardly ever could overturn the difficult circumstances on field.

  2. My friend, there's no winner in this situation, only losers and once again is football the loser thanks to CONMEBOL.

    This was Tigre's first ever final and probably the only one they will ever play, they are a very small club, you think they would want to waste their chance like this for no reason and risk getting a suspension from CONMEBOL when they have to play Copa Libertadores for the first time ever in a little more than 1 month ?
    If they wanted to do something dirty they would have done it at home, but they didn't.

    What about Sao Paulo denying them to practice at Morumbi, or the stones that broke every windows of their bus ?
    Do you really think no one at Sao Paulo did anything to put them in a bad mood ?

    It's obvious that something happened and we as football fans are the biggest losers. Conmebol just wanted to finished the tournament whatever it took and instead of taking at least 24 hrs to investigate, they just awarded the trophy and went home.

    I'm no Tigre fan, I don't even like them much and I wanted (and was sure that it was goint to happen) Sao Paulo was going to win the tournament, but doing it this way was disgusting.

    I'm sorry to say this but as a Sao Paulo fan there's no way you can give an unbiased opinion and it's obvious because you see Tigre's players as the only culprits and they obviously weren't the only ones who had something to do with this very sad day.