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Inicial 2012 - Round 17 - Velez for the 9th

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Huge step forward towards the championship for Velez (it would be their 9th ever) with a very late win they probably didn't deserve. All Boys had the best chances to score including 2 balls that hit the bar and a huge save by goalkeeper Sebastian Sosa, but unlike last week when they should have won but lost 0-1 vs Boca, now they could have lost and won with two goals in the final minutes.

Lanus should have won their game vs Estudiantes, they missed some big chances to get the 3 points and the winning streak is finished at 7 games and now they are 2 points behind Velez with only 2 games left.

I've seen much stranger things happen without a doubt, but Velez has probably 75% of the championship because their schedule looks much easier than Lanus': the hopeless Union at home next week, and they will visit Atletico Rafaela in the last round while Lanus has to visit River and later host San Lorenzo.

I thought Boca could win the derby but I never imagined they would have such a solid performance and easy win against a Racing that was never on the field, except for the final minutes when Boca relaxed and let them manage the ball.
Is it a coincidence that Boca best results came when coach Falcioni decided to leave out of the team some experienced players that don't like him (Ledesma, Viatri, Clemente Rodriguez, Somoza) and use young ones like playmaker Leandro Paredes, midfielders Erbes and Guillermo Fernandez or Nicolas Colazo who were waiting for a chance ?
We'll probably never know because his contract won't be renewed.

Tigre won a game !!!! And they did it with authority against this terrible Godoy Cruz, with 2 goals in the 1st half (you must see the 2nd one, great and skilled player by young striker Ruben Botta) and they were able to just relax and think about the Copa Sudamericana in the last 45 minutes.
Godoy Cruz is getting in trouble in the relegations table, they might not have them this season but will in the next one because they are also coming from another poor season and this will affect their Average a lot.
Martin Palermo, their next coach, was at the stadium watching the game and he will start working with the team this week.

The round also had another win for San Lorenzo as they are getting more oxygen in the Averages table, Independiente and River tied in a very intense derby that could have gone either way, Newell's losing their final hopes to win the title after staying undefeated for 15 rounds and the same for Belgrano who was only able to get a point from their visit to San Martin.

Round 17 results :

San Martín de San Juan 1 - Belgrano 1
Unión 2 - Newell´s Old Boys 2
Independiente 2 - River Plate 2
Argentinos Juniors 1 - San Lorenzo 2
Tigre 2 - Godoy Cruz 0
Quilmes 1 - Arsenal 2
All Boys 0 - Vélez 2
Boca Juniors 3 - Racing Club 1
Atlético de Rafaela 2 - Colón 0
Lanús 0 - Estudiantes 0

Before round 18 starts next Saturday, Independiente and Belgrano will complete this Wednesday at 6pm the remaining 45 minutes of the game that the visitors were winning 0-1 before it was suspended.
For Independiente is simply like another final as they will try to recover and get something before visiting San Lorenzo next weekend.

The schedule for round 18 will change for sure between Tuesday and Wednesday because Velez and Lanus have asked to play at the same time. 
AFA regulations say that it's only obligatory in the last round that teams fighting for the championship play at the same time, but they already did it last weekend so they will try to do it again.
Also Independiente asked to play vs San Lorenzo on Sunday so they will be more rested from the Wednesday half game, but I'm not sure this will happen because it would mean that we'll have 3 important games in Buenos Aires on the same day and the security committee doesn't like this.

Huge games next weekend of course on the two that could decide the championship, Velez against the easiest rival they could have in Union and Lanus visiting anyone but River, but also the derby between San Lorenzo and Independiente will be a huuuuge game for the relegations table.

Round 18 schedule (KO times in GMT-3):

Saturday December 1
17.00-- San Lorenzo de Almagro-Independiente
19.15-- Arsenal F.C. - Boca Juniors
19.15-- Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba-Quilmes A.C.
21.30-- Colón de Santa Fe-Argentinos Juniors

Sunday December 2
17.00-- Vélez Sarsfield-Unión de Santa Fe
17.00-- Racing Club-All Boys
17.00-- Newell´s Old Boys-Atlético de Rafaela
19.15-- Belgrano de Córdoba-Tigre
20.15-- River Plate-Lanús

Monday December 3
20.10-- Estudiantes de La Plata-San Martín de San Juan

Standings :

Averages table:


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