Saturday, August 18, 2012

Will it ever stop ??

Water, water, more water, and then even more water, that's the best way to describe the last 10 days in Buenos Aires and some other parts of the country.
And of course this unbelievable amount of rain brought a schedule chaos.

If AFA is normally a big chaos, can you imagine when they have to postpone games and there are not many free dates to play them ??

The forecast says it will continue raining tomorrow probably until the early afternoon and then stop (pleasseeeee!!!!) until Monday.

Remember Argentinean football is VERY "Buenos Aires-centric" (including some Nacional B teams), what means that every re-schedule needs to be analyzed because you don't want to have two teams with dangerous "barras bravas" playing at the same time in close stadiums

So, this are the news at 1am local time:

* As you probably know by now Colon - Belgrano was postponed for Saturday at 18.00 local time...if it stops raining at Santa Fe.

* The derby Racing - Independiente has been postponed, the idea is to play it on Sunday at 11am local time, should be confirmed early today.

* Boca wants to suspend/postpone their match vs All Boys for Sunday.
Why ? This next Wednesday Boca - Independiente play Copa Sudamericana, and Boca is afraid that Independiente game could be suspended also on Sunday and they would play it less rested.
The official word for now is that the game is not suspended, we'll see tomorrow.

* No news about San Lorenzo - Estudiantes and not comments about suspending it for now. The game is very late (8.20pm) so if it stops raining in the early afternoon it should be played without much problems.

Let's pray for a dry Saturday + Sunday so we can watch some football this weekend !!

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