Thursday, July 5, 2012

JUAN ROMAN RIQUELME LEAVES BOCA ... ah yes, and Corinthians Campeão da Taça Libertadores 2012

There were rumors all day, but still nobody was expecting it to be true.
Only a few minutes after the Copa Libertadores final ended, Juan Roman Riquelme came out of the locker room to anounce that HE WON'T CONTINUE PLAYING FOR BOCA.

Shocking news.
"I gave everything to Boca, I love this club with all my life but I feel empty. I've reached the maximum. I love and live for football but I don't have anything more to give".
"I want to go home to my kids, I will speak with them and ask if they want to see me playing more time, but it won't be for Boca."

That's it. No more news about his near future.
He left a door open for retirement but I can't see that happening. Maybe he will move to China like it was rumored not long ago ?

Whatever happens with him, it's definitely the end of an era in Argentine football.
Juan Sebastian Veron, Gabriel Milito, Esteban Fuertes...and now Riquelme. Next season is going to be a different one.

What one month ago looked like a possible triple crown for Boca could just end in a consolation price if they win the Copa Argentina final against Racing on August 8, but many more things could change before that game and before the new season starts.

And we have a new Copa Libertadores champion...

They are not a brilliant team or one that you will enjoy watching, but Corinthians is definitely a fair winner of this year's Copa Libertadores.
The Sao Paulo team only conceded 4 goals and won the tournament undefeated, the first one that does it since 1978 when Boca did but playing only 6 games (the competition was smaller back then) while Corinthians did it in 14.
First title ever for one of the Brazilian football giants, led by Emerson Sheik who scored both goals in this 2nd leg of the finals, and they are now also qualified to the clubs world cup to be played in December at Japan where they will be looking forward to face Chelsea.

Corinthians 2 - Boca 0, the goals:

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