Thursday, July 12, 2012

Argentina Primera Division 2012/2013 + Copa Sudamericana Fixture

Three weeks left until the new season kicks off and even though we still don't have a confirmed fixture (it will be released next Tuesday 17/7) we already know the new format that the Primera Division tournament will have:

* We won't have two champions anymore, only one per season.

* Instead of Apertura and Clausura, the two tournaments will be called Inicial and Final, and the two winners will play a final on neutral ground to decide the 2012/2013 champion. Of course, if the same team wins both Inicial and Final they will be automatically the season winner.

* If two teams are tied in points at the end of Inicial and/or Final, a final game in neutral field will be played to decide who advances to the big final. If 3 or more teams are tied then the games played between them will be used (points, goals difference, etc).

* Inicial will start on August 3 (Nacional B starts one week later) and will end on December 9. It will have two midweek rounds on 5/9 and 14/11 due to the international breaks on 9/9 and 14/11.

* Final will be played from February 10 to June 23, and the "Big Final" will be played on June 30, 2013 with extra time and penalties shootout if needed to decide the champion.

* The 3 bottom teams of the Averages table will be automatically relegated. No more relegation playoffs will be played because according to AFA there was too much stress and drama involved.

* And remember that this season will feature again the SuperClasico Boca-River/River-Boca !!

Argentine teams in Copa Sudamericana have their fixtures confirmed (2 legs, away goals count):

Argentinos Jrs - Tigre 16/8 and 30/8
Colon - Racing 23/8 and 30/8
Boca/Estudiantes - Independiente 22/8 and 29/8

Independiente still doesn't have a confirmed rival. If Boca wins the Copa Argentina final vs Racing on 8/8 then they will qualify, but if Racing wins it then Estudiantes will be the last qualified team of the competition.

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