Sunday, June 24, 2012

River es de Primera !!! (and Quilmes too)

Nacional B is over and River Plate is back in 1st division as also is Quilmes, both relegated only a year ago.

Really it was a great day to enjoy as a neutral fan because of the changing results and in the end we had two fair promoted teams because they were the ones that could hold until the end while Instituto and Rosario Central were slowing down in the last few weeks and had to put up with the 3rd and 4th place respectively after clearly losing their games of this last round.

In the relegation places there were no big surprises.
Chacarita won their game since very early and never looked back so they didn't care about Atlanta (lost 0-2) and Desamparados, who surprisingly beat Rosario Central 3-2. Atlanta goes back to "Primera B" (metropolitan 3rd division) and Desamparados to "Torneo Argentino A" (regional 3rd division) while Chacarita will play the relegation playoffs.

As you know I'm not a River fan but I'm happy they are back because big teams belong in 1st division and they categorize every tournament they play.
It definitely wasn't a walk in the park for them as some probably thought it would be, and yes, they received a little help from referees more than once, but in the end having quality players like Cavenaghi, "Chori" Dominguez and David Trezeguet, made a huge difference for them and they are a fair winner of this tournament.

This were today's David Trezeguet goals (and I'm sure the French would have loved to have them in the Euro QF game vs Spain! ;) ) and below Quilmes goals that send both back to Primera Division.

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