Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nacional B 2011/2012 - Definition Day

BIG Nacional B day that will have 6 games at the same time to decide both promotion and the relegations.
Satellite TV provider Directv will have a special channel both on Saturday and Sunday showing 4 games at the same time in what promises to be a day to remember in Argentine football !!!

The schedule (all games kick off at 3pm local time):
River - Almirante Brown
Desamparados - Rosario Central
Instituto - Ferro
Guillermo Brown - Quilmes
Atlanta - Huracan
Chacarita - Patronato

The title situation:

* River & Instituto 70pts, Quilmes and Rosario Central 69pts. Top two go back to 1st division, 3rd and 4th placed will play the promotion playoffs with San Lorenzo or Banfield or San Martin, etc, etc.
* Obviously River and Instituto will go to 1st division with a win, while Rosario and Quilmes need to win and hope that one of the top 2 don't.
* If there's a tie between 1st and 2nd or 3rd and 4th, it doesn't matter, it's decided on goals difference. But if there's a tie between 2nd and 3rd, or a 3 teams tie, or a 4 teams tie (!!!) we will need playoff games in neutral ground to untie them.
* The most "favored" team in this last round seems to be Quilmes because they will be playing away against Guillermo Brown (a team from the south of Argentina, 1400km from Buenos Aires) who is already confirmed in one of the relegation playoff places and because they will have to play next Wednesday they've already confirmed that they will use a reserves lineup.

Relegation situtation:

* As I wrote before, Guillermo Brown is already confirmed in a relegation playoff place. They can't avoid it.
* Two of Desamparados, Atlanta and Chacarita will be relegated and the other one will play a relegation playoff.
* Desamparados and Atlanta are tied in the two direct relegation places and they have no choice but to win and hope that Chacarita doesn't. If Chacarita wins, they are automatically relegated.
* If Chacarita wins they will play the relegation playoff. If they lose and Atlanta or Desamparados win, they are relegated.
* Here comes the crazy possibility: If Chacarita draws and Atlanta or Desamparados win, there will be a 2 teams tie...or a 3 teams tie and if this happens they will have to play a playoff game (or round robin if there are 3) where the winner plays relegation playoffs and the loser (or losers) are automatically relegated.

It might sound like a cliche but I say this today and I will repeat it tomorrow: EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.
I know that on paper some results look obvious but it's become really common in Argentine football that "must win situations" become the worst nightmare for teams and players and the fear of losing sometimes exceeds them.


Averages Table:

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