Friday, June 29, 2012

Clausura 2012 - Relegation Playoffs - Almost there...

After the two 1st legs of the relegation playoffs we have one series almost decided, and the other one very open...

Instituto 0 - San Lorenzo 2

After today's San Lorenzo win and performance I feel like I weight 10000kg less. Not even in a very optimistic day I would have thought that San Lorenzo was going to control the game like they did, especially in the 2nd half.
Instituto played well for 5-10 minutes in the 1st half when they had a ball cleared on the line and a long shot saved by the visitor's goalkeeper, but everything else was for San Lorenzo who had two huge chances in the 1st half (one hit the bar). They didn't dominate the ball or had a lot of possession, but they were under control in defense and always looked dangerous in attack.
The 1st goal killed Instituto, the 2nd one came pretty easy and if San Lorenzo was a good team they could have won it by a bigger difference. Some would say it was lucky that they didn't because after the 0-2 some Instituto "barras bravas" started to break the fence to try to suspend the game.
Curiously this was the first time in promotion playoffs history (between 1st and 2nd div, since 2000 so it's 26 series including this year) that the 1st division team wins away by 2 goals in the 1st leg !!!
Now Instituto needs to win on Sunday by 3 or more goals which I would say looks really difficult, but football is football and nobody can celebrate before the games are played.

Rosario Central 0 - San Martin de San Juan 0

Rosario Central was definitely the better side but they missed some huge chances to score the winning goal and they now have no choice but to win at San Juan next Sunday. San Martin had a superb performance by goalkeeper Luis Ardente (2nd goalkeeper, finally recovered from an injury) and a little luck to get the result they wanted and now with another draw they will stay one more season in 1st division.
History says that in relegation playoffs between 1st and 2nd division, only once the 2nd div team was promoted after a draw in the 1st leg and that happened to...Rosario Central !! who 2 years ago drew 1-1 at All Boys and when they only needed a draw at home they lost 0-3, but records are meant to be broken and I think anything can happen in the 2nd leg.

Once again, remember that away goals do not count and if after both legs we have the same points + goals difference, each team stays in the same division.

This is the schedule for the 2nd legs, and final games of the 2011/2012 season (kick off times are GMT-3):

14.10-- San Lorenzo vs Instituto
16.20-- San Martín de San Juan vs Rosario Central

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