Monday, June 25, 2012

Clausura 2012: Arsenal Campeon...and San Lorenzo lives another week !!!

Sorry Arsenal, but today's main picture is for my team.

What a crazy as expected.
I don't know where to start but I could say that as you know we have a champion and it's Arsenal.
How did this happen ? How is that the smallest club in 1st division and a team that nobody was speaking about only 3 weeks ago won their first championship ever ?
Well, as much as I would like to blame their connection to the Grondona family (and many people is of course doing it here) I have to admit that they were a fair champion.
They were mostly regular during the tournament and came from behind to get their first championship.

Arsenal won it because Tigre couldn't win.
Weird result, especially Independiente's reaction in the 2nd half, but in the end they celebrated like they've won the championship because they finished the season safe in the Averages table which was their main priority.
The weirdest thing is that they achieved it only with a draw because San Martin lost. Yes, San Lorenzo, their main rival all season, made them avoid the promotion playoffs !!!!

Safe draw for Union, safe win for Rafaela, All Boys destroyed Boca...and San Lorenzo won !!
Came from a 0-1 (ok, the 1-1 could have been called a foul on the goalkeeper) and got a miraculous win in the end. It wasn't a good performance at all, the players were extremely nervous but well, don't ask me for a good report at this moment, the thing is that we are alive at least for another week.

Banfield is relegated, and I can't understand how this happened. This season they did 41 points less than Tigre and 22 points less than San Lorenzo.
The only way to explain it is that for some reason they did it on porpoise because they are obviously not a good team but they don't have that awful players to have such a huge break down.

So, this leaves us with no need of playoffs to untie (at HT Tigre had to play a playoff for the title and another one to see if they could avoid the relegation playoffs!!!) and the relegation playoffs settled for Thursday and Sunday (kick off times to be determined):

San Lorenzo - Instituto
San Martin - Rosario Central

First leg is played at the 2nd division team stadium, away goals don't count and if after both games the teams have the same points and goals difference then each team stays in the same division, so this means that two draws are good enough for San Lorenzo and San Martin.

Below you can find the goals from the San Lorenzo game, a little show of the fans celebrating after the match and a video of how Arsenal fans and players waited the last minute for Tigre's game to end so they could celebrate the championship

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