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Clausura 2012 - Round 11 - Who wants to be the leader ?

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With only 1 game left in round 11, things can't get any more tight at the top as we have now Boca as the leader with 20 points, followed by a many teams in a few points and tonight Arsenal - Newell's can join or surpass them.

Round 11 started on Friday...

Tigre 1 - Olimpo 0

It was a tighter game than I expected as both teams, but especially Tigre, looked really nervous.
The first 35 minutes passed with barely any scoring positions, a lot of fouls and very poor football, and it was then when the hosts scored the only goal of the game by midfielder Galmarini who was at least 1 meter in offside. The bad refereeing didn't end there and two minutes later a Tigre defender received a direct red card for punching an Olimpo player (he actually only pushed him on the chest and not that strong).
The game changed in the 2nd half where Olimpo had the ball possession but they were harmless and more hopeless than usual, Tigre couldn't score on the few counter attacks they had (actually they did but another bad referee decision disallowed it) and the game just ended with both teams protesting to the referee who had to leave the field with many policemen around him.

Colon 1 - Argentinos Jrs 0

Few times I've seen a team missing so many chances to score like Colon did today. They could have won it 4-0 and I swear I'm not exaggerating.
They hit the post 3 times in the 1st half, including an unbelievable shot that hit one post, went along the goal line, touched the other post and went back out !
Colon scored the deserved 1-0 with a few minutes later in the 1st half and the 2nd part was not much different as they missed at least 2 or 3 very easy one on one with the goalkeeper that they finished awfully.
They almost paid for missing so many chances in the end, when in the last second of the game the visitors had their best chance but to continue with Colon's style they finished it poorly and the shot went wide.
Absolutely deserved win for Colon who probably played their best game of Clausura.

Velez 0 - Lanus 0

Velez and Lanus played a disappointing game, not a boring one, but more was expected from both teams according to the offensive potential they have.
The hosts were better than Lanus who gave up on attacking after receiving a red card late in the 2nd half but Velez failed to win at home again and could end the round 3 points behind the leaders.

Atletico Rafaela 3 - Estudiantes 2

Rafaela took advantage of this unbelievable Estudiantes, who jumped from championship candidated to 3 defeats in the last 4 games and now looks like a complete disaster.
The awful defending by the visitors made things much easier for Rafaela who had a huge win to stay out of the promotion playoff places at least for this round.
Estudiantes might end the round 7 points from the leaders but anyway there's no chance they can fight for anything playing like this.

Racing 1 - San Martin de San Juan 0

Racing didn't play a good game but they won for the 2nd time in a row (the midweek game for Copa Argentina is the other one) and of course nothing else matters for a team that had an awful week with all kind of troubles after losing the derby vs Independiente.
They were always better than a very poor San Martin who was trying to hold to the draw, and it took them 83 minutes and a red card for the visitors to score the winning goal, but it was a deserved one for sure. The visitors received a 2nd red card in the end, they are now in direct relegation and in trouble because after the game coach Daniel Garnero, who was the coach since they were in 2nd division last season, resigned and they will now have to find a new one for the last 8 rounds.

All Boys 2 - Union 1

All Boys won a huge game for them and they are getting every week further above the promotion playoffs zone.
Furious start, attacking a lot and quickly scored 2 goals that were deserved. The 2-1 came before HT and although Union almost got the equalizer in the end, the home win was more than fair and could have happened by a bigger difference if All Boys had finished better their scoring chances.

Banfield 1 -San Lorenzo 1

Even if I obviously wanted San Lorenzo win, there's no shame on saying that the 94th minute equalizer for Banfield was absolutely deserved because they had played much better even if they didn't have many clear scoring chances.
San Lorenzo's game was good defensively despite a couple of mistakes, but was awful in offense where the only chances to score came through long shots. When they scored the 0-1 not much was happening and not much happened after it either until the 4th minute of stoppage time when Banfield scored with a header off a corner kick a goal that was like a punch in the stomach for San Lorenzo.
The round ends with San Martin (with no coach) and Olimpo in direct relegation, and Tigre and San Lorenzo in the promotion playoffs zone separated only by 2 points.

Godoy Cruz 0 - Independiente 0

Godoy Cruz and Independiente played the worst game of the round on a pitch in bad conditions that didn't help at all.
Independiente started better, Godoy Cruz had a couple of chances as well and the ball possession through most of the game but they couldn't score and completed their 9th league game without a win while the visitors continues on a good run, but probably not good enough to fight for the championship.

Belgrano 1 - Boca 1

The last game of Sunday showed a Boca that looked a little tired and maybe not completely focused. Belgrano was like Tigre last week, but without their best attacking player they coulnd't do much.
Boca got only 1 of the last 6 points and even though their championship chances are obviously still alive, it looks like if they advance in Copa Libertadores they will sooner or later start giving up and using very mixed lineups. The draw was good enough for both in the end as showed by the very little offensive attitude both teams had in the last 15-20 minutes.

The round ends today with Arsenal at home vs Newell's, and one of both will be the leader of Clausura, together with Boca or alone depending on the result.

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