Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Breaking News !!!! Boca's coach Julio Falcioni resigned ??

Boca coach Julio Cesar Falcioni has resigned after a big discussion with Boca leader and super diva Juan Roman Riquelme, apparently because of the team's lack of offensive ambitions.
There is still room for negotiations between him, the players and the club board but most reports say that he has resigned for good.

The relation between them was bad since long ago (both have very strong personalities) but it looks it got even worst after last night's awful performance (check the report below).

Probably not a bad decision by Falcioni who decided to leave before Riquelme and company started to look "less interested" and got him fired due to bad results, something that has happened before not only in Boca but probably in most teams in the world.

Expect an update later today when the news are confirmed or if they somehow reach an agreement and he stays.

UPDATE (11.25pm):
Latest news say that after a 2 hours meeting between Falcioni and the club board, the coach would stay but depending on certain conditions.
The argument was apparently not only with Riquelme but also with other players, which would make the coexistence very difficult and if there's something certain is that this history will have more chapters.

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