Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Boca is the Apertura 2011 Champion !!

It was definitely coming since long ago and it finally happened with 2 rounds left: Boca is the Apertura champion.

It's been long since one team made such a difference above everybody else in one of this short 19 rounds tournaments, where usually we have very tight finishes with 2 or more teams fighting until the end.

Not only they won the championship when we still have 2 more rounds before the Summer offseason, but also they are still undefeated (if they stay like this in the last 2 games it will be their 2nd time ever that they win a championship without losing a game) and they are about to set a record of less goals conceded: only 4 so far, all in different games and all with shots from outside the box !!

Absolutely undisputed champion, left everybody playing for the 2nd place since a long time ago.

Few things to decide in this last 2 rounds because relegations/promotions aren't finished until June.

The 2011 table (Clausura + Apertura) decides the international competition qualification.
Velez, Boca, Lanus and Arsenal are already qualified to Copa Libertadores 2012 while Godoy Cruz will probably join them, and Copa Sudamericana 2012 (that starts in August) will have -at least for now, it can change- Racing, Independiente, Argentinos Jrs, Colon and 2 other teams including the Copa Argentina champion, who is under way with the Round of 32 currently being played.

This are the standings as of today (All Boys 1 - Argentinos Jrs 0 of the 18th round was already played and Estudiantes - Banfield have a suspended game that will be completed in February 2012):

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  1. Incredible defensive performance. Well , I don't like them as a River Plate fan but totally deserved.