Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Apertura 2011 Round 4 - Five down, Rafaela up

Round 4 started with 5 leaders (Velez, Lanus, Boca, Colon and Racing) and neither of them won !
So now the only leader is the surprising Atletico Rafaela, with 9 points.

* The round started with Godoy Cruz being far, far superior to Banfield. The 1st half should have ended already in a home win but a good game by Banfield's goalkeeper Cristian Luchetti kept the game scoreless.
In the 2nd half finally Godoy took the 1-0 lead and from there the visitors started to play a little better and could have scored, but it was always the home team who had the best chances on counter attacks.
It was 1-0, but should have been a 2 or 3-0. Four played, four lost and no goals scored for Banfield and coach Sebastian Mendez might had to resign after this game.

* It's very difficult to explain what is happening with Estudiantes. They have the names, but they don't have a team.
For 20 minutes they looked like the super team they were expected to be. 2 goals scored by their strikers who had missed many chances in the 1st games, 2 other goals cancelled due to very small offsides, and it looked like a rain of goals was coming but they suddenly stopped playing, relaxed too much and allowed San Martin to start growing. Before HT the visitors scored the 1-2, and in the 2nd half basically dominated the game taking a draw that could have been a victory because they played vs 10 Estudiantes men the last 10 minutes.
Once again Juan S. Veron couldn't complete the 90 minutes due to pain in his ankle and his retirement looks every day closer (I would bet this could be his last tournament if they continue like this).

* Racing and Arsenal basically didn't play and the scoreless result shows exactly what happened on the field.
Arsenal dominated most of the game but without creating real danger and the frustration fouls came in the 2nd half resulting in 2 red cards for Racing (including their best striker Teofilo Gutierrez) and 1 for the visitors.

* On Sunday the Santa Fe derby was played after 8 years, and Colon and their panic attack when playing at home. Union had an intense 20 minutes where they scored twice and simply cruised for the rest of the game.
Colon had a few chances but was never completely dominating and ended booed by a packed stadium that can't believe that they won only 2 games of 12 there this year.

* The other derby of this round, Boca - San Lorenzo, was also an intense match. In a very balanced 1st half San Lorenzo scored a nice goal from a free kick, but they conceded early in the 2nd half when it looked like they could finish it on a counter attack.
From there Boca was better and they missed two big chances (one of those was simply unbelievable what a San Lorenzo defender saved) on the line and the game ended on a 1-1 draw that overall was fair because except for those two opportunities Boca never fully dominated the game.

Round 5 starts next Friday, and it will feature another big derby, Independiente Boca.

Round 4 results :

26/8 — Godoy Cruz 1 – 0 Banfield
26/8 — Estudiantes 2 – 2 San Martín (SJ)
26/8 — Racing Club 0 – 0 Arsenal
27/8 — Lanús 0 – 0 Tigre
27/8 — A. Rafaela 3 – 1 Olimpo
27/8 — Vélez Sarsfield 0 – 1 All Boys
28/8 — Colón 0 – 2 Unión
28/8 — Belgrano 2 – Newell’s Old Boys 3
28/8 — Boca Juniors 1 – 1 San Lorenzo
28/8 — Argentinos 0 – 0 Independiente

Round 5 Schedule :

Friday September 2
16.00-- Newell´s Old Boys-Colón
18.10-- Tigre-Bánfield
21.10-- San Lorenzo-Belgrano de Córdoba

Saturday September 3
15.05-- Arsenal F.C. - Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba
19.15-- All Boys-Racing Club
21.20-- Lanús-Estudiantes de La Plata

Sunday September 4
14.00-- San Martín de San Juan-Argentinos Juniors
16.00-- Unión-Atlético Rafaela
18.10-- Independiente-Boca Juniors
20.15-- Olimpo de Bahía Blanca-Vélez Sarsfield

Standings :

* Table taken from www.La-Redo.net

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