Saturday, July 2, 2011


There's no other word to describe Argentina's debut in Copa America but "disappointment".
Bolivia played a very intelligent game.

I could say this is a new low for our NT, who has been struggling the last 3 or 4 years (Copa America 2007 was the last good performance in a tournament), and except for a few highlights during the last World Cup it's very difficult to find a good game by this players that are without a doubt stars on their own team.

Bolivia had the perfect game : they didn't play as expected with lot of people on defense, but instead they put pressure all over the field on Argentina who could never make 2 or 3 clear passes in a row.
And they could have even won it with two huge chances they had when Argentina was all desperate in offense !

The host played better in the 2nd half with Aguero and Di Maria on the field but their chances were never clear enough and the early Bolivia goal in the 2nd half (huge mistake by Banega) put them in a desperate mode.

The chances for Argentina to advance are still there of course.
5 points are more than enough, and even 4 could make them advance as one of the top two 3rd placed teams, but this awful performance raised a big alarm and showed that nothing will be easy in this tournament.

There will have to be changes for next Wednesday when they meet Colombia : Lavezzi, Banega, Cambiasso, maybe Tevez too are candidates to be replaced, and Messi needs to play more forward because he went too far back on the field to get the ball and he was useless in offense.

Let's hope we'll see something different in the next game.

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