Sunday, July 17, 2011

Copa America - Game Over for Argentina

Oh well...when things go wrong, they rarely end well and this is what happened today.
Argentina played 45 minutes with one more player on the field (Uruguay's Diego Garcia red card was 100% deserved, and it should have happened earlier actually) but could barely take advantage of it, and when they did Uruguay's goalkeeper Muslera saved everything.

On the other hand Argentina played another AWFUL AWFUL defensive game.

Every long ball and every cross into Argentina's box was headed by a Uruguayan player, and every time Forlan and Suarez attacked it ended in a foul by Milito or Burdisso.

It's painful to see how we are wasting a great generation of players due to bad coaching.
Since Pekerman left after the 2006 World Cup, Basile proved that he's an outdated coach that didn't know how to work with young players, and Maradona and Batista showed they didn't know what they were doing and never had a correct answer from the bench when a rival was playing better than their teams.
Unfortunately it looks like Batista is staying and I guess only a bad start of the WC qualifiers would remove him before WC 2014.

In the first game Colombia had everything to advance, including a penalty that Falcao missed with 25 minutes left.
It's difficult to say that Peru didn't deserve to win it, but they really didn't. Colombia didn't have a very good performance but a penalty missed and two balls in the post in the 2nd half were enough to make them the best team on the field, but it is Peru who will play the semifinal.

Uruguay and Peru show exactly how balanced is this tournament : they both won only 1 game in the 90 minutes, 1-0 against Mexico, arguably the worst team of the tournament.
Meanwhile Argentina was eliminated undefeated (Colombia too), but also with only 1 win, and the 4 teams that will play tomorrow are so far undefeated as well !!

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