Monday, July 26, 2010

Maradona Out

Unexpectedly, when everywhere it was mentioned as a fact that Diego Maradona was going to stay as the Argentina National Team coach at least until the 2011 Copa America (to be played in Argentina), today all rumours say that his contract won't be renewed.

After some vacations he met today with the Argentinean Football Asociation (AFA) president (Julio Grondona, also FIFA vicepresident and one of the most influential people in football in the world) and he was asked to change some of his assistants, something that Maradona had already said that he wasn't going to accept.

Knowing Julio Grondona methods, after 30 years as AFA president with his dictatorial ways (some say, and I agree, that he manages it like a mafia boss), it's more than obvious that he made this kind of proposal so Maradona would refuse immediately.

Tomorrow evening this will be made official, and unless something strange happens, this is the end for now for Maradona as Argentina's coach.

Candidates ?
Miguel Angel Russo (currently with Racing, won 2007 Copa Libertadores with Boca and managed many clubs in the last 15 years)
Diego Simeone (currently with no club)
Ramon Diaz (currently in San Lorenzo, won many championships with River in the 90's and most recently with San Lorenzo in 2007).

The people's choice (and mine too even though I'm not a Boca fan at all :) ) is Carlos Bianchi, who won 3 Copa Libertadores with Boca and 1 with Velez among other championships, and is probably the best Argentinean coach of the last two decades, but unfortunately it's almost impossible because he wouldn't work for someone like Julio Grondona.

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