Sunday, June 20, 2010

Seven changes

As always, it wasn't confirmed by Maradona himself, but the starting lineup for the last group game vs Greece will have seven changes from the 11 that started vs South Korea.

The goalkeeper, Sebastian Romero, will be the same.
In defense, young Velez defender Nicolas Otamendi will replace Jonas Gutierrez who is suspended. Martin Demichelis will be one of the four regulars that will play, with Nicolas Burdisso replacing injured Walter Samuel, and Estudiantes's Clemente Rodriguez, a fast and skilled player, on the left side.
In midfield Juan Sebastian Veron will return to the starting lineup, Fiorentina's Mario Bolatti will replace Javier Mascherano (who is rested because he has a yellow card and could miss the next game if he gets another card), and Maxi Rodriguez.

In offense...don't worry, the world's best player will play, Lionel Messi, but this time he will be accompanied by Sergio "Kun" Aguero, and Inter's striker Diego Milito.

Motivation is big for this players to start in the regular team, and because getting the 1st place in the group would mean that the team plays the Round of 16 in Johannesburg and won't have to travel to another city, while if it ends in the 2nd place, the next game would be at Nelson Mandela Bay, aproximately 1000 km from where the team stays.

So, the 4-3-3 team that will play vs Greece would be :

Sergio Romero - Nicolas Otamendi, Martin Demichelis, Nicolas Burdisso, Clemente Rodriguez - Juan Sebastian Veron, Mario Bolatti, Maxi Rodriguez - Lionel Messi, Diego Milito, Sergio Aguero



  1. wow, eager to see this lineup. though i was hoping to see pastore in the lineup, though i kind of feel we will see some subs earlier in second half, possibly pulling Messi out at 60 minutes.

    So if this is the lineup, Messi will play behind the two front strikers, or he has a free role?
    Personally i think the only threat from Greece is from crosses and long balls, and Romero seems to be a brave keeper to punch balls out. Just curious to see how Otamendi and Clemente perform. Though we won't have any central midfield players left on the bench.
    i assume Bolatti central, maxi on his right, and veron on his left, both slightly ahead of him.

    Anyhow, i think Argentina here, will have fun, this could be a rout, depending how Greece approach the game, or the attitude of Argentina, in my opinion, Aguero and Milito want to score as much as possible. 3-0 my call.

  2. your right, motivation must be high, thats interesting , they can stay in the same city if they finish first, never know that. Though just a draw would suffice, though running up the scoreboard would be a major confidence boost for the new players coming in.
    Vamos Vamos Argentina, lets beat Greece like in 1994 :P

  3. I'm pretty sure that if first half is ok, you will see Pastore replacing Messi in the 2nd.
    Veron will play on the right and Maxi on the left.
    Messi is free of course.
    Clemente will have a good performance, he's fast and will be free to attack through the left side with Maxi, while Otamendi is a central defender in his team so he will probably stay behind for a 3 men defense.