Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Road to the 3rd World Cup : Argentina 2 - Greece 0

It wasn't easy. Nobody thought it would be. Greece did what everybody expected and they did it really well.
Just defend. Papastathopoulos (what a long last name!) followed Messi everywhere, there are rumours that he's still following him to the hotel. :)
Argentina's best skill this time was patience. They moved the ball around as much as needed to find spaces and was lucky to punch in the right moment when Greece started to look tired.

And the second goal came through Martin Palermo, a 36 years old guy most people probably barely knows, but he's a legend in Argentina. He became Boca Juniors's historical top scorer this year with 220+ goals and he's known for overcoming many problems, like 2 very serious knee injuries. Playing for Spain's Villarreal a small wall fell on his leg, breaking it.
He has scored in any way you can imagine, from anywhere in the field and with any part of his body.
Evelen years ago playing a Copa America for Argentina he missed 3 penalty kicks in the same game(this is probably world wide known) !
A few months ago Maradona called him to the NT as a price for his career, and payed scoring the 2-1 goal in the last second of a qualifiers game against Peru that almost secured Argentina's place in this world cup.
With that, he won his place in the squad, and today he has made history again, becoming the oldest debuting player to score in a World Cup.

Next Sunday a new story begins, vs Mexico like in 2006.
It should be a much open game, because Mexico's defense is not good and they usually play more offensive. Argentina should have much more space to play, but i will write about this in the next few days.

Three wins...4 to go ?


  1. yes 4 to go, any critics about the game? shouldnt have Veron been off a long time ago, he was horrible in my opinion. he really is too slow keeping up with messi's passes, but he didnt commit any major costly mistakes, he did put in a good shift, hes a good player coming off the bench to slow the game down when argentina is in a winning situation. i dont know, just found him to be frustrating, and at the same time , he made some good tackles and through passes. i'll see what u write about the next game, which i believe is on sunday, i hope rodriguez plays instead of Jonas, he was outstanding coming forward, since he is right footed he can put in some good crosses from the right. congrats :) yes u are completely right took an immense amount of patience on argentina's part.

  2. also pastore really opens things up for messi in my opinion, he is also a clever playmaker, but what a shoot by messi off the post, that was powerful, sooner or later he will score. Otamendi played good , i didnt see him have any trouble, no surprise, as Greece barely saw any possession.

  3. Not a good game by Veron, i agree.
    He's looking tired, but i think that the main problem is the ball + fields, because his main weapon are long balls and passes and he can't do that here.
    Pastore could replace him, but the team will lose some defense with the tackles you mentioned and also because he knows where to stay in the field. He's experienced and has great reads of the games, like a coach on the field for Maradona, so unless he's really tired i think he will stay in the starting lineup.

    Otamendi played a good game, he surprised me attacking through the right side a couple of times. He has played always as a central defender for Velez, so it was a pleasant surprise.

    Thanks for your comments on the blog :)