Monday, June 21, 2010

Messi will be the captain

Just a quick update to say that the lineup i wrote yesterday is confirmed by Maradona, and he also said that because Javier Mascherano won't play, Lionel Messi will be the team captain in this game.
An extra motivation for him, who will be looking forward to score his first goal in this World Cup and also a special day because it will be the 24th anniversary of the greatest goal ever in a World Cup.
(and yes, also 24 years of the Hand of God :) ).
To get into the game mood, you can watch it again here, narrated (live) by Uruguayan commentator Victor Hugo Morales :

A very cold night is expected in Polokwane but this should be a problem for both teams as well.



  1. i dont know, but iam very emotional about it, when i heard it, my eyes were full of tears of happiness, we finally have a messiah who can lead us to glory just like Diego did. I hate all this english media, who dubbed Diego the "controversial coach" handed the armband to someone young and inexperienced, they should just concentrate on their own teams, also i think the Argentine media wasnt too kind to Messi before WC, i hope they rally behind the team, I just can't wait for the game, also a side note, i read somewhere Veron won't start as he is still slightly injured, and Pastore might take his place, anyways we will see tomorrow.

  2. The whole country, including the media is behind the team.
    There were lots of controversy the last couple of years about everything (Maradona, Messi, tactics, etc), but once the squad was announced everyone stopped and started supporting the team.
    No idea how far will the guys go, but so far it has been a nice ride and i hope it continues tomorrow.

    No news here about Veron not starting. I'll post if i read anything.

  3. ..this will definitely boost the confidence of messi and as a captain am pretty sure he does not want to lose this match... a win for argentina with messi to score a double... :)