Monday, December 27, 2010

Transfer Market News 27/12

No many news yet as all teams are having their summer vacations and will start the pre-season training camps in early January, but the teams that had no coach have already signed a new one.

While River confirmed Juan Jose Lopez, interim coach in the last 7 rounds of Apertura, as their Clausura coach, Boca finally reached an agreement with Julio Cesar Falcioni, who comes from coaching Banfield to their first ever championship in 2009. Falcioni is an experienced coach and this will be his 2nd chance in front of a big team, as he coached Independiente a few years ago with poor results.

With Falcioni departure Banfield had to find a new coach, and they signed young Sebastian Mendez, who was a defender of the 2009 champion and retire after that tournament. His only experience as a coach was in May/June of 2010 working as an interim coach in San Lorenzo.

Also Gimnasia presented new coach, Angel Cappa, who will sure have a very hard job to take the team out of the promotion/relegation zone. Cappa coached many teams around the world in the last 2 decades, but his most famous job in Argentina was with Huracan in 2009 in a team that played great football (they had Palermo's Javier Pastore as their best player) but ended 2nd behind Velez. In Apertura 2010 Cappa coached River until he was fired after the 13th round.

The 4th team with a new coach is Godoy Cruz. Omar Asad, who led the succesful 2010 team that qualified to Copa Libertadores 2011, asked for a raise in his contract that was denied so he left the team and will sign with Ecuador's Emelec in the next few days.
His replacement will be Uruguayan Jorge Da Silva, ex Defensor Sporting coach, who will have his first experience coaching in Argentina.

Players transfers so far are more rumors than real transactions.
Lanus has been active so far adding ex Huracan right defender Carlos Araujo (coming from Greece's AEK) and Godoy Cruz's striker Cesar Carranza is close to sign for them too, while offensive midfielder Marcos Aguirre was sent in loan to Arsenal.
San Lorenzo added Peruvian right defender Giancarlo Maldonado and Independiente added Colombian Ivan Velez in that same position.

I'm going on vacations next week until January 16, so don't expect any updates until then. My internet access will be very limited starting next week, but please don't hesitate to email me at if you have any questions about prices and fees of the Clausura 2011 previews !!

I wish you all a very happy new year 2011 !!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Summer Football

The schedule for the main summer friendlies has been confirmed.
There will be 3 mini tournaments with 3 teams each, plus 2 "Super Clasicos".

Most teams take this game seriously as there are big rivalries involved, but of course, no one will take risks of injuries in the pre-season.

It has also been confirmed that Clausura 2011 will start on February 11 and will end on June 19.

Remember that you can get the best previews for every game of Clausura, with detailed information about missing players, expected lineups, and analisys. You can get samples on older posts of Apertura 2010, or contact me at for the fee and more details.

This is the schedule and city of each summer friendly tournament :

Copa de Oro de Mar del Plata :
11/1 Independiente vs. San Lorenzo -- Mar del Plata
15/1 Independiente vs. Boca -- Mar del Plata
29/1 Boca vs. San Lorenzo -- Mar del Plata

Copa Ciudad de Mar del Plata :
13/1 Racing vs. Estudiantes -- Mar del Plata
18/1 River vs. Racing -- Mar del Plata
26/1 River vs. Estudiantes -- Mar del Plata

Copa Ciudad de Mendoza :
20/1 Godoy Cruz vs. San Lorenzo -- Mendoza
23/1 San Lorenzo vs. Racing -- Mendoza
27/1 Godoy Cruz vs. Racing -- Mendoza

Super Clasicos :
22/1 River vs. Boca -- Mar del Plata
2/2 River vs. Boca --Mendoza

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Apertura 2010 - The End

Apertura 2010 is history after the 5 games played on Monday and all teams are already enjoying their summer vacations until the first days of January, when the training camps will start and summer friendlies will be played as usual (I will write more about this when the schedule is confirmed).

Copa Libertadores will start on the last week of January (Argentinos Juniors, Estudiantes, Velez, Godoy Cruz and Independiente will represent Argentina) and Clausura 2011 is scheduled to begin on February 10, but it might start earlier on February 3 due to Copa America being played at Argentina in July.

I would like to thank everyone that has been reading this blog since i started writing on it back in late May. It's been a pleasure to be contacted by so many people from so many different countries, something i never imagined that could happen, and everybody had positive feedback or was interested in the previews for every game of Apertura 2010 that I wrote since round 1. Of course i will continue writing them for Clausura 2011, so if you know you will be interested on them, contact me at

Expect less updates in the following weeks due to league inactivity and some deserved summer vacations I'll be taking in the first two weeks of January, but I'll be back with more energy in the 2nd part of January. :)

This were the final positions of Apertura 2010 (actually there's one game pending between Independiente and Tigre from the 18th round that will be played some day in February) and the current Averages table.

Final Standings of Apertura 2010 :

Averages Table ( :

Monday, December 13, 2010

Estudiantes Apertura 2010 Champion

Congratulations to Estudiantes de La Plata, who won the 5th championship in club history today after beating Arsenal 2-0 and making Velez's effort in the 2-0 win at Racing worthless.

A fair champion that made an almost record 45 points (the record in this 2 tournaments season belongs to the San Lorenzo that won Clausura 2001 with 47 points) followed closely by another great team, Velez who ends the tournament with 43 points.

The tournament ends today with 5 games.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Apertura 2010 18th Round : Estudiantes cha..ion ?

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Once again the two best teams in the league won, and with only 1 round left Estudiantes is still the only leader of Apertura and definitely main candidate to win their 5th championship on Sunday.

Estudiantes, playing without two key players like team captain Juan Sebastian Veron, and offensive midfielder Enzo Perez, got an impressive and unexpected 4-0 win @ River, completely destroying the rival with a lot of personality.
Velez 2-0 win vs Huracan wasn't as impressive as Estudiantes's, but it was good enough to keep their chances of fighting for the championship alive. Now they will need to win @ Racing and hope that Arsenal can take something from Estudiantes.

Independiente won Copa Sudamericana last Wednesday making Racing, Newell's and Lanus efforts worthless, and the 5 teams that will represent Argentina in Copa Libertadores 2011 are set : Argentinos Juniors, Estudiantes, Velez, Godoy Cruz and Independiente.

Also things are heating up in the Averages table, because Huracan just can't keep losing while Quilmes and Olimpo improved their average with good wins. Relegations will be one of the stories to follow in next Clausura.

This were the results of the 18th round :

Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata 3 - All Boys 1
Arsenal F.C. 2 - Colón de Santa Fe
River Plate 0 - Estudiantes de La Plata 4
Vélez Sársfield 2 -Huracán 0
Godoy Cruz 1 - Racing Club
Banfield 0 - Boca Juniors 0
Argentinos Juniors 1 - Lanús 2
Quilmes A.C. 1 -San Lorenzo 0
Newell´s Old Boys 0 -Olimpo de Bahía Blanca 1

Besides the two games that will decide the championship, there's a very important game this round between Olimpo and Quilmes, the two bottom teams of the Averages table, who will play for 3 points that will be very important in the long run for their hopes of staying in 1st division next season.

This will be the schedule of the last round :

Saturday December 11
17.10--All Boys-Godoy Cruz

Sunday December 12

18.00--Racing Club-Vélez Sársfield
18.00--Estudiantes de La Plata-Arsenal F.C.
20.30--San Lorenzo-Banfield
20.30--Colón de Santa Fe-Newell´s Old Boys

Monday December 13

17.00--Lanús-River Plate
19.10--Boca Juniors-Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata
21.15--Olimpo de Bahía Blanca-Quilmes A.C.
21.15--Tigre-Argentinos Juniors

Standings :

Averages Table ( :

* Tables taken from "La Redó" (

Monday, December 6, 2010

Apertura 2010 17th Round : No room for the weak

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5 correct scores predicted !!!

Only two rounds left and Estudiantes and Velez just can't stop.
The leader played a ver smart game vs Argentinos Juniors and although they started it losing 0-1, they never gave up, played it 100% focused and took advantages of some defensive mistakes of the visitors to win 3-1 and take 3 very important points.
Velez, 2 points behind Estudiantes, visited Godoy Cruz and also started a little nervous. The home team was playing better, but Velez has Santiago Silva, the league top scorer and red hot striker who opened the game before HT and it didn't take much for them to destroy Godoy Cruz in the 2nd half with a 0-4 that left no doubts.

Good but meaningles 1-0 win for Boca vs Quilmes, Huracan that keeps going down in the Averages table, Racing climbing to the last Copa Libertadores qualifying place and River winning in the 93 minute at Colon their 3rd game of the last 4 were some of the stories that this 17th round left.

The complete results :

All Boys 2 (Segovia own goal, Matos) - Banfield 1 (Mendez)
Racing Club 2 (Hauche, Toranzo) - Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata 0
Estudiantes de La Plata 3 (G. Fernandez, Nuñez, Mercado) -Argentinos Juniors 1 (Rius)
Colón de Santa Fe 1 (Moreno y Fabianesi) - River Plate 2 (Lamela, Pavone)
San Lorenzo 0 -Newell's Old Boys 0
Tigre 3 (Stracqualursi x 2, Altobelli) - Huracán 1 (Zarate pk)
Godoy Cruz 0 -Vélez Sársfield 4 (Silva x 2, Moralez, Cristaldo)
Boca Juniors 1 (Erbes) -Quilmes A. C. 0
Lanús 0 -Independiente 0

The 18th round will be played midweek, starting tomorrow Tuesday, with Estudiantes in a very dangerous visit to River and Velez in a sure win at home vs Huracan :

Tuesday December 7
19.10-- Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata-All Boys
21.15-- Arsenal F.C. -Colón de Santa Fe

Wednesday December 8
17.00-- River Plate-Estudiantes de La Plata
17.00-- Vélez Sársfield-Huracán
20.15-- Godoy Cruz-Racing Club

Thursday December 9
19.10-- Banfield-Boca Juniors
20.15-- Argentinos Juniors-Lanús
21.15-- Quilmes A.C.-San Lorenzo
22.20-- Newell´s Old Boys-Olimpo de Bahía Blanca

Independiente - Tigre POSTPONED (Independiente plays 2nd leg of Copa Sudamericana Final on Wednesday)

Standings :

Averages Table ( :

Copa Libertadores 2011 table ( :

* Tables taken from "La Redó" (

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Apertura 2010 16th Round : No time to rest

Tight end of the season schedule, no time to rest, no time to write !
Round 16 ended on Tuesday and round 17 already started on Wednesday with Olimpo and Arsenal drawing 1-1.
There are definitely no doubts that Apertura will be decided between Estudiantes and Velez, who is 2 points behind.
Both have pretty difficult schedules, but probably Estudiantes has a slight advantage because they have two home games while Velez plays away twice, but i don't think anyone can predict what will happen in this last 10 days of Apertura.

The last place in next year's Copa Libertadores has also a tight finish, with Newell's currently in that position and Racing, Lanus and Banfield as close followers.

This will be the schedule of the remaining 9 games of the 17th round :

Friday December 3
17.10-- All Boys-Banfield
21.15-- Racing Club-Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata

Saturday December 4
18.10-- Estudiantes de La Plata-Argentinos Juniors
20.15-- Colón de Santa Fe-River Plate

Sunday December 5
17.00-- San Lorenzo-Newell's Old Boys
17.00-- Tigre-Huracán
19.10-- Godoy Cruz-Vélez Sársfield
21.15-- Boca Juniors-Quilmes A. C.
22.10-- Lanús-Independiente

Standings :

Averages Table ( :

Copa Libertadores 2011 table ( :

* Tables taken from "La Redó" (

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Apertura 2010 15th Round : Two above, four to go

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Two points is the difference that Estudiantes took over Velez.
The leader won a very easy game at home 2-0 vs Huracan on Saturday, and put some pressure on Velez who could only get a draw 0-0 @ Gimnasia on Sunday and now watches Estudiantes from behind with four games left.

The 15th round also left another solid performance by the surprising All Boys, who beat Newell's 2-0 and keeps climbing in the Averages table.
Except for Tigre, who lost 2-0 @ Lanus (new coach Gabriel Schurrer debuted for them) and the already mentioned Huracan, all the other teams fighting to get out of the promotion/relegation zone curiously were only able to draw : Olimpo 1-1 at home vs Argentinos Juniors, Quilmes 1-1 @ Racing, River 0-0 in a VERY boring derby @ San Lorenzo, and the scoreless draw of Gimnasia at home vs the until then leader Velez.

Boca showed they are alive by getting a deserved 2-1 win vs Arsenal, and the best thing for them is that a young player, Sergio Araujo, made his debut and not only scored a goal but he also showed some interesting skills. Look forward to see him playing in Europe sooner than later.

One of the few highlights of the weekend was Godoy Cruz win 2-1 vs Banfield. With this 3 points, the Mendoza team is only one step away from playing their first international tournament (Copa Libertadores 2011) and they definitely deserve it because they've been one of the best teams this year and one of the few that always tried to play offensive football and is enjoyable to watch.

The next round will be spread over 5 days (!) because of a music show at Veles stadium that forces them to play on Tuesday.

This will be the schedule of the 16th round :

Friday November 26
19.10--Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata-Godoy Cruz
21.15--Arsenal-San Lorenzo

Saturday November 27
17.10--Quilmes-All Boys
20.10--Banfield-Racing Club

Sunday November 28
17.00--Independiente-Estudiantes de La Plata
19.10--River Plate-Olimpo de Bahía Blanca
21.15--Newell's Old Boys-Boca Juniors

Monday November 29
21.15--Argentinos Juniors-Colón de Santa Fe

Tuesday November 30
19.10--Vélez Sarsfield-Tigre

Standings :

Averages Table ( :

Copa Libertadores 2011 table ( :

* Tables taken from "La Redó" (

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Apertura 2010 14th Round : ...and then there were two !

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With Estudiantes defeat last Saturday @ Tigre, and Velez win 1-0 vs Lanus on Sunday, Apertura 2010 now has two leaders.
Behind them only Arsenal, who drew 0-0 at home vs All Boys has a slim chance of fighting for the championship, because the 3rd place is a tie between Newell's (lost 0-2 at home vs Racing) and Colon (2-1 win @ Huracan) but the 8 points that separate them from the two leaders seems too big.
Only 5 rounds left so a very tight finish can be expected but not only among the championship candidates, but also in Copa Libertadores qualification where Newell's, Banfield and Racing, separated only by 2 points will compete for the last spot.

The world famous Super Clasico was played in this round, and River took a deserved 1-0 win with a header from defender Jonathan Maidana, who started his career not long ago playing for Boca. It's not a coincidence that both have been struggling for most of the last two years and they showed this on the field, playing an awful game. Boca's coach Claudio Borghi has finally resigned and the rumors about his replacemente have started.

No big games in the upcoming 15th round as both leaders will play bad teams, and a derby between the struggling San Lorenzo and River.
This will be the schedule (times in GMT-3) :

Friday November 19
20.10-- Godoy Cruz-Banfield

Saturday November 20
17.10-- All Boys-Newell´s Old Boys

Sunday November 21
17.00-- San Lorenzo-River Plate
19.10-- Boca Juniors-Arsenal de Sarandí
19.10-- Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata-Vélez Sarsfield
21.15-- Racing Club-Quilmes A.C.

Monday November 22
17.00-- Olimpo de Bahía Blanca-Argentinos Juniors
19.10-- Colón-Independiente
21.15-- Lanús-Tigre

Standings :

Averages Table ( :

Copa Libertadores 2011 table ( :

* Tables taken from "La Redó" (

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2nd Update : Argentina - Brazil !

Another super offensive lineup for Argentina, with one doubt on defense : Martin Demichelis, who has a minor injury, or Nicolas Pareja.
A double defensive midfield in Banega and Mascherano, Pastore in a playmaking role and 3 strikers, Messi, Higuan and Di Maria.

So, the probable 4-3-3 formation would be :

Romero - Zanetti, Pareja or Demichelis, Burdisso, Heinze - Banega, Mascherano, Pastore - Messi, Higuaín, Di María

Monday, November 15, 2010

Update : Argentina - Brazil !

Diego Milito, Carlos Tevez and Sergio Aguero got minor injuries in the weekend games and they won't be with the team.

No clue yet about a possible starting lineup because the first training session will be today.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Argentina - Brazil !

Probably not many know that this next Wednesday one of the big international derbies will be played : Argentina and Brazil meet at Qatar.

It might be another of this friendlies that no one cares about, but it's always interesting to see this two football giants meet.

Still no clues about starting lineups as most players are still playing the weekend round with their teams, but the list of players called by coach Sergio Batista shows again the best of the best for Argentina, except for some injured like Barcelona's Gabriel Milito and Inter's Walter Samuel and Esteban Cambiasso.

Goalkeepers : Andújar, Mariano (Catania – Italia), Romero, Sergio (AZ Alkmaar – Holanda)

Defenders :
Zanetti, Javier (Internazionale – Italia), Burdisso, Nicolás (Roma – Italia), Zabaleta, Pablo (Manchester City – Inglaterra), Demichelis, Martín (Bayern Munich - Alemania)
Heinze, Gabriel (Olimpique – Marsella) –Francia),
Pareja, Nicolás (Spartak Moscú)

Midfielders :
Di María, Ángel (Real Madrid – España), Sosa, José (Nápoli – Italia), Mascherano, Javier (Barcelona – España), Banega, Ever (Valencia – España), Bolatti, Mario (Fiorentina – Italia), Pastore, Javier (Palermo – Italia), D’Alessandro, Andrés (Internazionale – Brasil), Biglia, Lucas (Anderlecht – Bélgica)

Strikers : Higuaín, Gonzalo (Real Madrid – España), Agüero, Sergio (Atlético Madrid – España), Messi, Lionel (Barcelona – España), Milito, Diego (Internazionale – Italia), Lavezzi, Ezequiel (Nápoli – Italia), Tevez, Carlos (Manchester City- Inglatera), Gaitán, Nicolás (Benfica – Portugal)

Without the injured Alexander Pato (AC Milan), this is Brazil's list :

Goalkeepers : Víctor (Gremio-Brasil), Jeferson (Botafogo-Brasil) y Neto (Atlético Paranaense-Brasil).

Defenders : Daniel Alves (Barcelona-España), Rafael (Manchester United-Inglaterra), Adriano Correa (Barcelona-España) y André Santos (Fenerbahçe-Turquía), Thiago Silva (Milán-Italia), David Luiz (Benfica-Portugal), Alex Costa (Chelsea-Inglaterra) y Réver (Atlético Mineiro-Brasil).

Midfielders : Lucas (Liverpool-Inglaterra), Ramires (Chelsea-Inglaterra), Sandro (Tottenham-Inglaterra) y Jucilei (Corinthians-Brasil), Douglas (Gremio-Brasil), Philippe Coutinho (Inter de Milán-Italia), Ronaldinho Gaúcho (Milán-Italia) y Elías (Corinthians-Brasil).

Strikers : Robinho (Milán-Italia), André (Dínamo de Kiev-Ucrania) y Neymar (Santos-Brasil).

Monday, November 8, 2010

River coach ... out !

Only 1 win in the last 10 games and none in the last 7 was enough for the club board, and River's coach Angel Cappa is out right before next week's "Super Clasico".

Why right before the derby vs Boca ?
Well, the excuse is that they don't want their archi-rival to be "responsible" of firing the coach.
Kind of crazy idea, but it's another example of how big are rivalries here.

The main candidate to replace him is Americo Gallego, a 1978 World Cup champion who played for River in the 80's and successfully coached them in the 90's and earlier this decade when he won a couple of championships before moving to Independiente where he won a championship as well in 2002 and also won one with Newell's in 2004.
He is experienced and respected, without a doubt it would be the best choice for them right now but of course, it will always depend on the players to improve and end with this awful situation that put them really close to relegation zone.

Apertura 2010 13th Round : Estudiantes or Velez

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The gap between the two best teams of the season, Estudiantes and Velez, and the rest got higher this weekend after this two won while Arsenal, Newell's and Godoy Cruz were only able to draw.

With 6 rounds left it looks like one of this two will win the championship.

The leader Estudiantes didn't have a good first half and Lanus looked pretty much in control, but it took only a few minutes for the best team of Apertura to score twice and finish their rivals. Great performances by Gaston Fernandez and Enzo Perez for a team that has conceded only 4 goals in 13 rounds.

That result put big pressure on Velez who played @ Banfield two days later, but the team from Buenos Aires didn't seem to feel it and took a 3-2 win. Five goals and many chances for both made this the best game of the round by far.

If that one was the best, we can say that the worst was the 1-1 derby between San Lorenzo and Independiente, who played with many reserves and rested regulars for the 2nd leg of Copa Sudamericana Quarterfinals when they will play at home (actually, Racing stadium because their stadium is suspended) against Colombian Deportes Tolima (1st leg was 2-2).
Another poor result for San Lorenzo who won only 1 of the last 6, and not a good draw either for Independiente who is in the last places of Apertura.

Two of the teams below Estudiantes and Velez, Godoy Cruz and Newell's, met @ Mendoza and the game ended with the only scoreless draw of the round, a result that wasn't fair at all because the home team was much better and made Newell's (played with reserves also because of Copa Sudamericana Quarterfinals) goalkeeper the man of the match.

Also Arsenal with their 2-2 @ Racing lost some of their chances to fight for the championship. They were leading twice, 0-1 and 1-2, but couldn't hold to it and Racing ended getting a draw that was overall fair.

Some very important games for the Averages table were played, as Olimpo took Huracan back down to reality after the derby win vs San Lorenzo and destroyed them with a very clear 4-0.
Gimnasia-Quilmes played an awful game, but the home team won 1-0 and Quilmes, still win less in Apertura keeps going down and down. After the game some angry "barra brava" fans attacked the players cars, and the crisis in the club keeps growing.

Meaningless but good win for Colon 1-0 over Tigre, who also starts having problems in the Averages table and I left the two biggest teams for the end...Boca and River, who lost again, 0-2 at home vs Argentinos Jrs and 1-0 away vs All Boys respectively, and they will meet next week in another edition of the world wide known "Super Clasico" of Argentinean football.

They are both arriving to this game in their worst shape possible and having awful seasons.
The highest pressure will be on River, who plays at home, couldn't win in the last 7 games and is deep in the averages table for the first time in history.
The game might not be a good one, but for neutral spectators like me it will sure be fun watching them struggle and suffer as this is the most important game of the semester for both of them.
It will be played on Tuesday because River's stadium had a couple of rock shows scheduled for this week.

The schedule for round 14 is the following :

Friday November 12
19.10--Huracán-Colón de Santa Fe
21.20--Banfield-Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata

Saturday November 13
16.10--Arsenal de Sarandí-All Boys
18.20--Vélez Sársfield-Lanús
20.30--Tigre-Estudiantes de La Plata

Sunday November 14
14.00--Argentinos Juniors-San Lorenzo
16.00--Quilmes-Godoy Cruz
18.10--Independiente-Olimpo de Bahía BLanca
20.20--Newell's Old Boys-Racing Club

Tuesday November 16
19.00--River Plate-Boca Juniors

Standings :

Averages Table ( :

Copa Libertadores 2011 table ( :

* Tables taken from "La Redó" (

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Round 13 Postponed

As some of you might already know by the news, yesterday Nestor Kirchner former president of Argentina (2003-2007) and husband of current Argentina president Cristina Fernandez, died of a heart attack.
Loved by some and hated by others, but there's no doubt that he was the big political leader in Argentina of this last decade through the big economic crisis that hit the country in 2001 and he was expected to be candidate in next year's presidential elections.

The official mourning is for 3 days, until Friday, but the football association decided to suspend the whole round and move it to the next weekend, meaning that Apertura will end on December 19 instead of December 12 because there are no midweek rounds planned.

There will probably be some schedule changes, and there are also rumors that the SuperDerby River-Boca of the 14th round will be played on Monday 15 or Tuesday 16 because the stadium was committed for some music shows the previous days.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Apertura 2010 12th Round : Derbies, derbies and more derbies

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Three derbies (plus the Argentinos Jrs-All Boys and Quilmes-Banfield rivalries) and the only team that can consider themselves really happy is Huracan, who beat a San Lorenzo with an alarming lack of attitude. As a fan of "El Ciclon" you can imagine my mood today. It doesn't really matter that it was a derby (it was the first time Huracan won at home vs San Lorenzo since 2000, and the historic H2H still favors San Lorenzo by 31 games) but the problem is that the future looks bleak if some players don't realize that they are at one of the biggest teams of Argentina.

The other two derbies gave some boring draws as River-Racing and Independiente-Boca showed nothing different from what they've shown the whole season.
River and Boca are already thinking on the Super-Derby to be played in 2 weeks, Independiente is 100% focused on Copa Sudamericana and Racing is trying to find their best team to see if next year they can finally fight for a championship, something that doesn't happen since 2001.

The game to watch this round was Velez-Estudiantes, but as most of the times happens it was a really disappointing game. Both missed their best player, Moralez for Velez and Veron for Estudiantes, and the visitors decided since the 1st minute that a draw was good enough for them, so they approached the game with a extremely defensive tactic and took home the result they needed to keep the 3 points difference over Velez.

Surprise of Apertura, Arsenal, hosted the surprise of 2010, Godoy Cruz, and they missed a great chance to get closer to Estudiantes. Arsenal was the best team of both, but the visitors scored 2 goals in 2 minutes early in the 2nd half that changed the game, and closed it with a penalty kick in the last minute. Godoy Cruz is every day closer to achieve their main goal of this semester and qualify to Copa Libertadores for the first time in club history.

Lanus also missed a chance to get closer to the leader, after losing 1-2 at home vs Colon. This was a meeting between two very irregular teams...and of course the result could have gone either way.

Good wins for Tigre and Banfield against Olimpo and Quilmes, two teams that can't find a way out of the relegation zone, and a very tight one for Argentinos over All Boys in a very closed game where neither of them deserved to lose.
The round was closed with Newell's beating Gimnasia 1-0. The team from Rosario is now only 6 points behind Estudiantes and with 11 league games undefeated they want all their goals open : Copa Sudamericana, qualifying to Copa Libertadores 2011 and maybe fight for the championship.

Next round shows an interesting meeting between Banfield and Velez, Lanus visiting Estudiantes, a derby between San Lorenzo and Independiente and two very important games for the Averages table : Olimpo - Huracan and All Boys - River.

This is the schedule of the 13th round :

Friday October 29
19.10-- Olimpo de Bahía Blanca-Huracán
21.20-- Estudiantes de La Plata-Lanús

Saturday October 30
14.10-- Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata-Quilmes
16.20-- San Lorenzo-Independiente
18.30-- Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba-Newell's Old Boys
20.30-- Banfield-Vélez Sársfield

Sunday October 31
14.00-- Colón-Tigre
16.00-- All Boys-River Plate
18.10-- Boca Juniors-Argentinos Juniors
20.20-- Racing Club-Arsenal

Standings :

Averages Table ( :

Copa Libertadores 2011 table ( :

* Tables taken from "La Redó" (

Monday, October 18, 2010

Apertura 2010 11th Round : 3 !

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Three points is now the difference with 8 rounds left between the leader Estudiantes, who drew 1-1 @ Colon, and Velez and Arsenal, who won their weekend games.

And to make the championship interesting, Velez will host Estudiantes next Friday !
It will be without a doubt a match to watch.

The still leader was playing without their best players, Juan S. Veron and Braña, but still were able to play a fair game @ Santa Fe vs Colon. The 1st half ended already ended 1-1 and Estudiantes seemed happy with it because they made a couple of defensive changes in the 2nd half to close the game, and they did it.

Easy win for Velez against the win-less Quilmes, whose coach finally resigned after 11 rounds without getting 3 points in one game. Quilmes, promoted from 2nd division, has no wins in the last 17 games (including last season last 6 games). They don't win since April !

Third consecutive win for Arsenal, and the third one in the last minutes of the game !
They played better than Gimnasia, who keeps sinking in the averages table, and took a 3-2 win that puts them 3 points behind Estudiantes. Without a doubt, they are the surprise of Apertura.

San Lorenzo finally won again after 3 consecutive defeats, an easy 2-0 vs Tigre, that puts them in good mood before the BIG derby vs Huracan next week.
Not the same can be said of Huracan, who played another awful game, has no wins in the last 6, and are getting in deep trouble in the Averages table. For Boca it was the second consecutive win, but neither in the 2-1 vs Tigre or the 2-0 vs Huracan they played well and only got the wins because their rivals were awful.

The boring games of the round were the 0-0 draw between Banfield and Newells, and the extremely lucky 1-0 win by Olimpo against Lanus with one of the funniest own goals of the season.

Mood was great for Independiente a week ago after winning the derby vs Racing, but they are now back to reality. They used a mixed lineup (because of the Copa Sudamericana game on tuesday) and lost 3-1 @ All Boys. The recently promoted team shows that they want to stay in first division next year and are having a dreamy season so far.

The other Avellaneda team, Racing, won 2-1 at vs Argentinos, but they had a really bad performance and fans showed their anger because they lost the derby last week. The visitors were winning at halftime and Racing looked completely hopeless, but their best player, Colombian playmaker Giovanni Moreno scored a great goal from a free kick and later put the 2-1 thanks to a defensive mistake.

Once again, the more fun game of the week was the last one : Godoy Cruz 2 - River 2.
The draw was definitely fair but the last minutes were crazy, with the home team missing an unbelievable chance and one minute later River scored the 2-3, but it was dissallowed because of a hand ball that was bad called (

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Great round coming next week : the already mentioned Velez - Estudiantes, and 3 big derbies !!
Independiente - Boca, River - Racing and Huracan - San Lorenzo, plus a smaller one, Quilmes - Banfield.

This is the schedule :

Friday October 22
19.10-- Arsenal-Godoy Cruz
21.20-- Vélez Sarsfield-Estudiantes de La Plata

Saturday October 23
14.10-- Argentinos Juniors-All Boys
16.20-- River Plate-Racing Club
18.30-- Quilmes-Banfield
20.30-- Lanús-Colón

Sunday October 24
14.00--Huracán-San Lorenzo
16.00--Independiente-Boca Juniors
20.20-- Newell´s Old Boys-Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Apertura 2010 10th Round : Super Velez

Unfortunately very busy days coming this week so not much time for a long review of the 10th round.

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Anyway, the weekend didn't leave anything new.
Estudiantes and Velez as usual didn't disappoint, especially the 2nd who played a superb 2nd half and won 6-0 vs Colon with an unbelievable performance by Juan Manuel "Burrito" Martinez, who scored 3 goals (check the 4-0 :

With half of Apertura gone looks like one of this two will be the champion, unless Arsenal or Lanus who are 5 and 7 points from the top, pull a big surprise.

Independiente won the Avellaneda super-derby again (Racing can't win it since 2005), but they didn't deserve it at all. Same for Boca, who took a 2-1 win @ Tigre but played as poor as usual.
Will Juan Roman Riquelme finally return for the next game, with the super-derby vs River only a few weeks away ?

Click here to download the previews for every game of this 10th round as they were sent to customers and contact me at for further details about how to get the previews for every game of Apertura 2010 !!

This is the schedule for the 11th round of Apertura 2010 :

Friday October 15
19.10-- San Lorenzo-Tigre
21.20-- Quilmes-Vélez Sarsfield

Saturday October 16
14.10-- Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata-Arsenal
16.20-- All Boys-Independiente
18.30-- Banfield-Newell´s Old Boys
20.30-- Colón-Estudiantes de La Plata

Sunday October 17
14.00-- Olimpo de Bahía Blanca-Lanús
16.00-- Boca Juniors-Huracán
18.10-- Racing Club-Argentinos Juniors
20.20-- Godoy Cruz-River Plate

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